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Franco Morbidelli and Valentino Rossi

unveil the PETRONAS Yamaha SRT 2021 Yamaha YZR-M1

PETRONAS Yamaha Sepang Racing Team is excited to start its third season in the MotoGP World Championship campaign with riders Franco Morbidelli and Valentino Rossi showcasing their 2021 Yamaha YZR-M1 through a virtual launch today.

After a stellar second season in 2020, where the team and rider Franco Morbidelli finished the year as vice champions in their respective championships, PETRONAS Yamaha Sepang Racing Team is eager to continue its extraordinary story of success as the first-ever Malaysian team in MotoGP.
2021 sees Franco joined by Greatest Of All Time rider Valentino Rossi who will add an extra dimension of championship winning knowledge and potential to the squad.

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PSRT YZF-R1 Replica Limited Edition

Paintjob by official Petronas Yamaha Sepang Racing Team painter AlexDesign.

YME and YART GYTR Pro Shop Unveil Official PETRONAS Yamaha Sepang Racing Team Replica R1

Yamaha Motor Europe (YME) and Yamaha Austria Racing Team (YART) GYTR Pro Shop has unveiled an official, limited edition Replica of the PETRONAS Yamaha Sepang Racing Team YZR-M1.
Commissioned by YART, supported by Yamaha Motor Europe and PETRONAS Yamaha Sepang Racing Team, the YART-engineered replica R1 comes with an array of high-performance upgrades to bring it closer to the specification of the Yamaha MotoGP bike on which it is based. These updates include everything from a new light and durable Genuine Yamaha Technology for Racing (GYTR) carbon fairing kit and MotoGP winglets to the limited-edition PETRONAS Yamaha SRT livery, which is supplied by the same company that paint the team's MotoGP race machines, delivering exceptional authenticity and exclusivity.

The replica also comes with an array of other unique features. The bike is equipped with high-performance Öhlins race suspension, including the FGRT 2 road & track front fork, TTX rear shock, a race specification steering damper and is fitted with a factory kit exhaust. From GYTR, the PETRONAS Yamaha SRT replica features the latest rear quick-change system, to make replacing the rear wheel quicker following a tyre change, as well as racing footrests, ECU and quick action throttle, all essential components on Yamaha's racing machines. The brakes are manufactured by Brembo, including the high-quality GP4-RX callipers and T-Drive discs. The Italian company also provided the remote brake adjuster and clutch lever fitted to the bike. The bike will be supplied with Michelin race slicks fitted front and rear to the seven-spoke aluminium Marchesini wheels. Alongside the replica bike itself, each customer will receive an exclusive package comprising a KYT Helmet, a PETRONAS Yamaha SRT polo shirt and the future opportunity for a VIP guest pass for the MotoGP round of their choice.

In commemoration of the 46th anniversary of the team’s title sponsor, PETRONAS, 46 PETRONAS Yamaha SRT replicas will be built, each with their own unique identification number engraved on the CNC machined top yoke.

Article source: https://www.yamaha-racing.com

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Paint, stickers, aesthetic accessories are the exclusive property of AlexDesign.
Any counterfeits or reproductions will be legally punishable as required by law based on the state of origin.

the experience of thirty years of bike paint and tuning

Alex (Alessandro Mazzocchetti) was born in Rome.
He takes his first step in designing so he collects a lot of certificates of excellence and appreciation for his work. In short time, he envisions the potential of his creation so he produces a new brand, the Alexdesign® with which, during the years, shows his cleverness.
He improves himself, always searching for new suggestions and specialist skills until he becomes a point of reference for sporting competitions and, in particular motor sport and motorcycling to very high level.

The creative evolution, brings him to modify brands and logos that will be managements by a society which is situated in Czech Republic of which he is an integral part.

This society that operates nationally in Moto Racing, can continuing along the road to design and innovations of which Alex was the promoter and with whom he work closely full time.