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since 1989 hight quality painting

Alex (Alessandro Mazzocchetti) was born in Rome.
He takes his first step in designing so he collects a lot of certificates of excellence and appreciation for his work. In short time, he envisions the potential of his creation so he produces a new brand, the Alexdesign® with which, during the years, shows his cleverness.
He improves himself, always searching for new suggestions and specialist skills until he becomes a point of reference for sporting competitions and, in particular motor sport and motorcycling to very high level.

The creative evolution, brings him to modify brands and logos that will be managements by a society which is situated in Czech Republic of which he is an integral part.
This society that operates nationally in moto racing, can continuing along the road to design and innovations of which Alex was the promoter and with whom he work closely full time.

the experience of thirty years of bike paint and tuning

Alex Design today is recognized by the largest brands in the world of motor sport and spectacle.
The company in a short time can develop exclusive imposing ideas in the field of Racing Design and creative thanks to innovative artistic techniques adopted that make products real works of art.

The specific work is in the personalization of automotive, motorcycle and accessories, clothing and advertising.

Thanks to considerable success in racing design, Alex Design invents the line creative industry currently produced and distributed in major events and in the commercial sector on international territory.

Indeed for over years the mark is sought in the motorcycle world by important pilots and companies to create innovative design of helmets, motorcycle, bike livery and clothing accessories technical and merchandising.

Moreover, in 2008 the company prepares special vehicles with different types and services for its business and for individuals and the Truck are adapted to the demands of sponsors and are often involved in major events.

Following this initiative the company has approached the world of communications and events so as to become an integral part of its activities.

Where art and imagination have no limits

Art and fantasy:
Yes you can!!!

Thirty years of experience allows us to personalize your objects, with your imagination and our art

What we do: Design

The company, thanks to the artistic genius of his leader, in a short time got a leadind position in racing and custom design market

Special Products

Using innovative artistic techniques that make true works of art: paints and water decals and work system